The Absurdity of Modeling Poses

Yolanda Dominguez put real women in everyday places in typical modeling poses as we see them in fashion magazines all the time. With this piece of performance art, she critcizes the absurdity and the stagedness of what we consider fashion, glamour, femininity. 

The reactions ranged from calling the police to trying to help the women. Many asked if the women were allright, or if something had happened to them. Isn’t it funny that the ads and spreads we see in the magazine do not cause these reactions? It is probably because we’re so used to seeing these institutionalized poses, these codes, that we don’t really see their absurdity anymore. In real life they wouldn’t look glamourous nor sexy, but simply weird and crazy. That’s something to think about, don’t you think?

I also want to quickly cross reference this link (for those who haven’t watched the Codes of Gender or heard of Erving Goffman yet).

Thanks to my friend Falko for this amazing tip.


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