The Evolution of the Supermodel – The Sixties

The 60s were a time of social uproar and change. Not only politics and society were the target of the revolution, also stereotypes and codes of femininity and beauty were challenged in this eventful decade. While the superstars of modeling had been ladylike and graceful in the 50s, the new generation of models was boyish and childlike, but also tall and androgynous. Twiggy is mostly associated with the 1960s, but there were a few other models worthy of reminiscence.

Veruschka, of course, is one of them. Here she is in her unforgettable performance in the movie Blow Up. She tried to become a fashion model in Paris as Vera von Lehndorff, a German aristocrat, but was rejected for being too tall. She then reinvented herself, became „Veruschka“ and became one of Diana Vreeland’s favorite models to be featured in Vogue.

The Sixties with their social movements also brought the first African American models to the editorials of high fashion magazines. Donyale Luna was the first of them and she paved the way for Naomi Sims, Beverly Johnsons and, by extension Naomi Campbell and Chanel Imam.

Donyale Luna and Beverly Johnson

Naomi Sims


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