Unzufriedenheit: Ein unterschätzter Lifestyle.

Grumpy Cat - An international Language

Grumpy Cat – An international Language

Neulich, ich hatte mich kurz zuvor dazu entschlossen, zu fasten, kam mir der folgende, recht niederschlagende Gedanke: welche Highlights hielte ein Leben bereit, in dem man dauerhaft, trotz Vorhandensein, den weltlichen Genüssen entsagte? Und würde solch ein highlightloses Leben überhaupt Sinn ergeben? Und macht denn, im Umkehrschluss, ein Leben Sinn, das nur durch solche besonderen Abwechslungen kurzzeitig aus seiner Bedeutungslosigkeit gerissen wird? Weiterlesen

90s Series: Hipster-Inspiration from the Past

The Bill Cosby Sweater, Pinnacle of 2010's Style.

The Bill Cosby Sweater, Pinnacle of 2010’s Style.

In High Fidelity, Jack Black accuses John Cusack of wearing a Bill Cosby Sweater. Fast Forward to 2013, and voilà: insult no more. Today, Rob would turn around and say: „Thanks, dude, I found this at a vintage store for only two bucks, can you imagine?“ Jackie from Roseanne, Bill Cosby and the crew of Beverly Hills 90210 serve as the ultimate ironic style icons of our self-replicating postmodern era. Continue reading here.

Germany’s Next Topmodel vs. Femen

Femen Activist at the season Finale of Germany's Next Topmodel

Femen Activist at the season Finale of Germany’s Next Topmodel

Heidi Horror Picture Show: When a couple of Femen activists crashed the finale of Germany’s Next Topmodel to protest against – well what was it actually that they protested against? A critique on the failure of the (not only German) media. Or, when tits get in the way of content. Read the article here.

Blogger Interviews in NYC

Jinna Yang Photography cinnamon

Photography by Jinna Yang „Cinnamon“

Just a few quick links to interviews I conducted when in New York.

I met Prutha Raithatha of Don’t Shoe Me over a cup of Glühwein. She was wonderful as is her blog. Read the interview here.

I didn’t have the honor of meeting Ari Seth Cohen personally, but his Advanced Style is nevertheless worth a visit, as is this interview, conducted via email.

Samantha Lim of FashionIndie is a sweetheart. I met her at her office. Read the article here.

Finally,  Jinna Yang of Grease & Glamour. I met her for lunch and she told me where she shops, where she comes from and why she lives in Jersey City. Read here.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Hate List


Karl Lagerfeld hates a lot of things. Among them, but not at all limited to, Lana del Rey (at a time when it wasn’t yet considered cool to hate her – isn’t he such a visionary?), the sun (the actual one), fat people, feminists, Heidi Klum and babies (yes, babies). Chances are, he hates YOU, too. Click here.