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The Evolution of the Supermodel: The Runway as Spectacle

Critical Thinking, Fashion, Theory 14/11/2011

The development of the fashion show, with in-house models posing for customers as early as 1850, until today’s catwalk craze is a long and meaningful story. I have picked out some quotes from Caroline Evans‘ article The Enchanted Spectacle, and I’ll try to sum it up for you guys.

The fashion show has played a key role in the development of the modern fashion industry. From approximately 1900, fashion shows began to be staged in couture houses and department stores and as charity fund-raising events in Britain, France and the USA. As „the theatricalisation [sic] of fashion marketing“ par excellence (Kaplan and Stowell 1994: 117) the fashion show also has a relationship to art, theater and film; to consumerism; and to the commodification and eroticization of the female form in mass culture; in short, to the wider formations of gender, image, desire and commerce in the twentieth century. Weiterlesen